2012 October

Blue Ivy Trademark Rumors Spread like Poison Ivy

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For the past 3 days my in-box has been lighting up at a blistering pace with news alerts about every trademark attorney’s favorite celebrity infant — Blue Ivy Carter (whose mere existence somehow warrants a section on Huffington Post). According to the headlines, the brown eyed babe’s celebrity parents —Beyonce and Jay-Z — “lost” their fight to protect BLUE IVY . . .  as…

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Brandvangelism: SF MusicTech Where Music Culture and Commerce Converge

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Some brands make it easy to love them. Think: Patagonia, Subaru, Techtastic and SF MusicTech Summit (SFMT). Yup, that’s right. SFMT is one of my favorite conferences although I am neither a musician nor a technologist (to the contrary, I often refer to myself as a technofuck, but let’s not go there.) I  first attended SFMT in 2008 and was hooked straight away. SFMT…

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Being a B in Good Company

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I am privileged to “B” amongst the 150 companies represented by approximately 400 individual B Corp Champions who convened in Half Moon Bay, California this morning to exchange ideas about growing and improving the B Corp Community. What community is that, you wonder? B Corps – short for B Corporations – are companies that use the power of business to…

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The New FTC Green Guides have Arrived

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Two years ago, the FTC proposed revisions to its Green Guides (Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, “the Guides”) which first were released in 1992. The Guides then were revised in 1996 and 1998 before lying dormant for twelve long years. I first wrote about the Guides back in August, 2010, and they have come up on Brand…

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