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Making Media Moments at Social Venture Network

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  Social Venture Network (SVN) is a membership organization comprised of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs – or, as I call us, socialpreneurs — who are working to create positive impact through their enterprises.  This weekend is SVN’s Annual Spring Gathering where SVNer’s join together to inspire and challenge one another.  Along with TED, SVN is my favorite conference. I…

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Geekview IP Weeks(ish) in Review

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The USPTO scores big with LINSANITY! As of today, no fewer than 8 US trademark registration applications have been filed at the USPTO to protect the mark LINSANITY.  (Note — I’m pretty sure that’s a fan site.)  I say no fewer than 8 because the PTO’s TESS database tends to lag about a week behind actual filings.  Only 1 of…

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