In the Press:

Vegas Inc 05/07/2012 Righthaven copyrights fail to sell at auction

WebProNews 05/03/2012 Righthaven Copyrights (Including Porn Titles) Being Auctioned on eBay

Vegas Inc 05/03/2012 Prices slashed on Righthaven copyrights up for Auction

TechDirt 05/02/2012 More Righthaven IP Up For Auction, Including the Name Righthaven

Vegas Inc 05/02/2012 Scant interest so far in auction of Righthaven copyrights

Vegas Inc 04/28/2012 Righthaven copyright, trademark auction begins Monday

Denver Post 03/15/2012 US judge strips interests from copyright enforcer

Justia 03/14/2012 Judge Orders Righthaven to Transfer All Copyright Registrations

Vegas Inc 03/14/2012 R-J copyright to be auctioned following Righthaven’s collapse

TechDirt 03/13/2012 Whatever Copyrights Righthaven Might Actually Have Owned Now Transferred to Receiver For Auction

World Trademark Review: 02/2012-03/2012 Trademark Toolkit enforcement and reputation

World Trademark Review: 01/30/2012 List of Top Trademark Bullies Renews Debate on Enforcement Strategies

Vegas Inc 01/10/2012 9th Circuit rejects Righthaven bid to block auction of copyrights

MediaPost 01/04/2012 Righthaven Says It Can’t Give Copyrights to Court-Appointed Receiver

Vegas Inc 01/04/2012 Receiver says Righthaven ‘uncooperative’ in surrendering copyrights

Vegas Inc 12/26/2011 Auction of Righthaven website domain name under way

TechDirt  12/22/2011 Who Wants To Own Domain Seized, About To Be Auctioned

Vegas Inc 12/22/2011 Dismantling of Righthaven appears under way with loss of website

World Trademark Review: 10/25/2011 Paving the Way for a Trademark Bullying Clearinghouse

ABC News 05/24/2011: Tattoo Suit Won’t Stall ‘Hangover 2’ Opening Judge Says

Wall Street Journal 01/13/2011: Pot-Delivery Man Hits Speed Bumps

Social Venture Network’s Member Connections: Our SVN Membership Saved our Brand