Heather Peters

Honda Held Accountable for False Advertising of Civic Hybrid

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Sometimes small claims court is the way to go for dispute resolution.  While you might think that to be the case only when the stakes are low, a California woman proved today that small claims awards can far exceed the redress offered in some class action settlements.  Exactly one month ago today I wrote about Heather Peters’ one-woman crusade against…

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Honda headed to court tomorrow for false advertising of hyped up Hybrid Civic claims

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Honda is defending five separate class action lawsuits in various California state courts.  The false advertising suits allege that Honda misrepresented the fuel economy of its Honda Civic Hybrid model automobiles sold during 2003-2009.  Honda advertised that its Civic Hybrid got approximately 50 miles per gallon (MPG) when in fact it got around 30.  I find it more than a…

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