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B-Corp: Business as a Force for Good

Brand Geek 2022 Impact Report

Brand Geek creatively cultivates brand protection strategies for social enterprises.

Brand Geek’s leader, Lara Pearson (aka Lara the Lawyer who Loves Law) inspires others with her passion for practicing law in a soulful manner, meaning intentionally being environmentally and socially conscious in all of Brand Geek’s business decisions and interactions. Brand Geek, like other social (soulful) enterprises, measures and manages its environmental and social impacts alongside profitability, and considers its work for the community to be as important as the services it provides.

Our impact extends beyond traditional expectations of providing high quality, timely professional services to our clients. Although U.S. Supreme Court precedent still holds that corporations are people, in reality companies are only as good as the actions of their people.

Speaking of people, Brand Geek experienced tremendous growth in 2022 and brought on three new contractors, in addition to a new (B Corp! Women-Owned!) vendor to support all the great work being done. Brand Geek works continuously to grow, quantify and measure the positive impact it creates, directly through its operations, as well as indirectly through the clients it represents and whose good work it facilitates by ensuring that their intellectual capital is well protected.

Public benefit corporations are a type of legal entity that have committed to environmentally and socially conscious values by codifying those values in their company’s governing documents, i.e., their corporate charters or articles of incorporation/organization.

In addition to providing the statutorily required information, this report also highlights some of Brand Geek’s socially and environmentally responsible practices and policies, as well as some of our shortcomings as they relate to the BCorp certification piece.

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