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BrandGeek: Protecting the Businesses that are Changing the World®

Brand Geek strives for mutually generous relationships with social enterprises that measure and manage their environmental and societal impacts along with their profitability to benefit shareholders and stakeholders.

Trademark &
Copyright Audits

Copyrights! Trademarks! Trade secrets! Oh my! While we can’t help you trademark your copyrights, we can help you identify and prioritize protection of your assets. In fact, this type of puzzle solving is what we love to do.

Search & Clearance

We totally get how much you love your brands. We love our brands too! Our brands are an expression of ourselves. Make sure yours doesn’t scream “Sue Me!” before you launch.

Registration & Maintenance

Brands are forever, or at least they can be. And copyrights only seem like they are (thanks, Mickey Mouse!) We calendar your renewal deadline to make sure you don’t miss them.

Trademark & Copyright
Dispute Resolution

We’re lovers, not fighters, but that doesn’t mean we won’t go to bat for you. We help our clients resolve all types of disputes short of formal litigation proceedings. If litigate you must, we have just the right friends who can help you do so successfully.

IP Contract Negotiation, Drafting & Review

Contracts, Contracts, get your contracts here. Whether its negotiation, drafting or review, Contracts are something we love to do for you.

Public Speaking

We love educating and entertaining others (and we honestly don’t know how to do one without the other). If you’d like to have Lara speak to your organization about intellectual property and/or do-gooder business, please reach out and let us know.

Topo Mapping℠

Brand Geek offers its clients three types of Topo Mapping℠ sessions:

  • Trademark Topo Mapping for issues relating to brand protection
  • Copyright Topo Mapping for issues relating to the protection of creative expression
  • IP Topo Mapping for issues that involve both brand protection and creative expression

Our Topo Mapping℠ offerings in three sizes:

  • Mini Topo Map (begins with 1/2 hour call)
  • Standard Topo Map (begins with an hour long call)
  • XL Topo Map (begins with an hour and a half call)

All Topo Mapping sessions result in the delivery of a Topo Map strategy memo outlining the relevant facts, law and strategies for taking action.

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