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Kale Conquers Chicken and my Computer Karma Conquers me!

Bo Beat the Bully!


kaleEat Mor Chikin


YES!!! We can rest easy and Eat More Kale now, thanks to the tenacity of Bo Muller, who today announced that he squashed  Chick fil A like the slug it is (not that I recommend squashing slugs).

I wrote about the Eat Mor Chikin v Eat More Kale trademark battle on November 28, 2011, when Chick fil A received the first onslaught of bad press from its ridiculous “trademark infringement claims.” Then, yesterday, Lake Tahoe’s most amazing and hard working resource conservationist, Madonna Dunbar, told me about this Grist article on the case (which credited The AP’s The Big Story). I planned to write a new post about the case today (I even went so far as to post a comment on Bo’s blog about it!). But then . . .



All of the PTO websites (and only the PTO websites) stopped working. Just for me. Every other website works just fine on all my devices (a PC, a laptop, an iPad and a MacBook)! And my  list-serv colleagues confirmed the PTO sites are working just fine for everyone else. This seems like the cruelest joke ever! So for now my post will have to wait. Hoping my  local heroes at Techtastic can get me back on track here soon!

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