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A Plea to INTA

INTA representatives told me today that Mr. Drewsen will decide whether to inform TM Topics users about the e-Trademarks list.  If you have an opinion on this subject, please contact Mr. Drewsen with it.

Dear Mr. Drewsen:

As President of INTA, I understand that the power to share information via INTA’s TM Topics listserv resides with you.  I also understand that INTA will be sending a farewell TM Topics post in days to come.  This serves as my public plea for how you use this opportunity.

While I look forward to learning more about My Powerful Network, I ask that you also please tell list members (many of which are non-INTA members) that there also is a non-INTA sponsored TM discussion forum: the E-Trademarks list.

I hope it is clear to INTA and others that E-Trademarks is not intended to “compete” with INTA.  The E-Trademarks list is intended to fill the gap left by moving TM Topics from a public to private network.  I learned today that TM Topics was “very little used” relative to the 5,700 INTA members.  What I hope INTA understands is that TM Topics was used avidly by most of us who were on it.

Not everyone who was on TM Topics reads The TTABlog(R) or Likelihood of Confusion(R) or Duets Blog, thus, there is no guarantee that those non-INTA list members who lurked on TM Topics will know where to go once they realize that TM Topics is gone.  All I am asking is that INTA please consider the non-members on the TM Topics list and share with them the option of using the e-Trademarks list.

Thank you for considering my request.


Lara Pearson

Chief Pontificator, Brand Geek

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    1. Thanks Adam, for bringing more attention to the issue as well as for letting folks know about the e-Trademarks list option. I will let you know if I hear anything further from INTA, including the final TM Topics post.

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