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Is It a Barbie World?

We all can agree that Barbie is a famous brand, regardless of what we may think of her or the thin values she espouses. Barbie dolls have been around since May 9, 1958. The first Barbie trademark registration (Reg. No. 0,689,055) for a “doll” was issued on December 1, 1959.
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PTO Shortens Time of First OA

On Thursday, June 4, 2009 the USPTO reduced its goal for “trademark pendency” to two months. “TM Pendency” determines how large of an inventory of unprocessed applications the USPTO should keep at any given time. The time frame discussed in relation to pendency is the time that it takes the PTO to issue a First Office Action (“OA”) from the application filing date.
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2009 LOHAS Forum

Yesterday morning, I really enjoyed hearing Ray Anderson, who taught us how mimicking nature creates sustainable business. Next was Rob Katz, CEO Vail Resorts (owner of Heavenly on the south shore of Tahoe, among many others) discussed several of the cost saving, environmentally beneficial programs that his company’s resorts implemented. The morning ended with Spencer Sherman, CEO of Abacus Wealth Management. Spencer ran us through one of Byron Katie’s exercises designed to help us overcome our main fears about our businesses or our financials lives. Spencer’s believes that 2009 is the time of reinvigoration, which sounds exciting to me.
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Support for Seattle’s Plastic Bag Fee

A client of mine that owns recently was contacted by the Mayor of Seattle, Greg Nickels, who requested my client’s support with Seattle’s proposed Plastic Bag Fee. Residents of the city of Seattle vote on August 18 whether to implement a twenty cent tax on plastic bags distributed by merchants such as grocers and convenience stores. Many of the grocers and big drugstores already participate in a voluntary education program encouraging consumers to use reusable bags.
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