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Open Brands?!?

A few weeks ago, I attended the Social Media for Sustainability conference hosted by Justmeans.  I met Joey and Stacie Shepp there and Joey told me about their project, Open Brands.  Open Brands uses Twitter to follow and measure the real life conversations that consumers are having about brands.  Open Brands is able to do this through the use of “brand tags” on Twitter.  Brand tags are hashtags about brands.  Hashtags consistof use of the # hash symbol — #love — & a word.  Simply put, brand tags are hashtags used with brands — #Patagonia.

Brands symbolize the relationships consumers have with companies and their products and services.  Now, Open Brands is providing a way to watch and track that relationship.  By monitoring these Brand Channels, as Open Brands calls them, savvy brand owners will work with this information to maintain and improve the relationship they have with their customers in real time.  Pretty cool!

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