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Things The Daily Show Helped Me See

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, which means Burning Man is almost here. As is the Republican National Convention. Maybe. Depending on how Mother Nature and her newborn son Isaac feel about it.

As I head off to the hostile — yet, beautiful — Black Rock desert, the Best F#@cking News Team in the World is heading off to the hostile — yet, even more hostile — Tampa swamplands. Goggles are essential attire for Burning Man and I bet they’d come in useful in Tampa this year as well, to protect against both inclement weather and aspersions.

It’s important to protect my eyes so The Daily Show can help me see . . . things in a whole new light, that is. Having no show to watch this week and knowing that I will have no means by which to watch The Daily Show while in the desert, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. The result? Here are just a few of the things The Daily Show has helped me see (which also gives me an excuse to sport my new goggles):

Now as I go forth to try and freeze a Nutella pizza for my journey to the desert, The Best F#@cking News Team and Hurricane Isaac are all gearing up for Tampa, Florida. I just hope those Correspondents get there first, having thought to pack their goggles!

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