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My new favorite local brand – Techtastic

TechTastic | Fantastic Technicians 

The Top 5 reasons why I love the TechTastic brand so much?

(1) Its sole meaning is a brand.

(2) It is alliterative.

(3)  It is inherently distinctive and can be protected right away without having to prove brand recognition.

(4)  Its Facebook page has only a single post from October 2010 and yet it somehow has 45 Followers — now that’s a strong brand.

(5)  Zion Fink and his team rock – they’re knowledgeable, responsive, always on time, super reasonably priced and they’re neat!

From Techtastic alone, did you figure out what they do?  Did their Fantastic Technicians tagline help?

Creating a distinctive mark may not seem like a priority during the brand creation process, but it should be.  What good is a brand if you can’t call it your own?  What’s the purpose of a brand other than to help your target audience connect with you instead of your competitors?

Please, share your thoughts.

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