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Happy Wednesday

I’ve always liked Wednesdays.  In college (at University of Missouri-Columbia), I used to DJ at the Blue Note on Wednesday nights.  It wasn’t until after law school that I learned that the Blue Note where I had worked was a defendant in a federal trademark infringement lawsuit with the Blue Note in New York City (which the case was dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction).

I wondered how many folks like Wednesdays enough to create a brand around this day of the week.  88 US federal trademark applications and registrations include the word Wednesday in the mark, of which, 43 remain LIVE.  Let’s compare this to the other days of the week, shall we:

Day | # Apps/Regs | LIVE

Monday 232 / 73

Tuesday 204 / 82

Wednesday 88 / 43

Thursday 78 / 35

Friday 476 / 196

Saturday 372 / 102

Sunday 691 / 296

If the USPTO register is any indication of public opinion, Sunday is America’s favorite day, followed by Friday, then Saturday, then Monday.  Returning to today (Wednesday), I concur with this sentiment (a brand owned by JLW Enterprises for “paper and printed material, namely, stationery, day planners, labels and decals” . . .

Enjoy your day!

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