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Listen up all you social entrepreneurs,
Out to save the world with your hearts so pure,
I’m an attorney who’s doing that too,
And I’m here to share my journey with you.

It all started in two thousand and five,
When a business book made my soul come alive.
Let My People Go Surfing
by Yvon Choiunard,
Convinced me that it wouldn’t be too hard,
To marry my passion for playing outdoors,
With doing good business and saving the world.

When opened my eyes, soon I did see,
A need for free legal services for the birds and the bees.
(through the non-profits working to save them,
and the rest of the natural environment).

While pro bono work was a really good start,
Still I know there was more in my heart;
I could model my practice after companies I admire,
Patagonia, Method, and Stonyfield Farm.

So I changed my ways and became more responsible;
Soon though I realized my profession seems hostile.
So many law with their “green practice groups,”
For a while I was excited; I thought we’d have a coup!

But then I realized it was a lot of B.S.,
Most law firms didn’t change their practices.

So I decided to write and speak publicly,
About issues of law firm sustainability.
Education long has been a passion of mine,
So sustainability education suited me just fine.

And then I thought, I can do even more!
Why, I can protect all those brands I so adore.
So many companies doing such good work;
Who better to protect them from some infringing jerk?
Why wouldn’t they want to work with one of their kind,
A trademark attorney who’s mission-aligned?

Now I stand here before you to share what I do,
In hopes that you’ll have me represent you.

I conduct trademark audits, to identify assets.
I search and clear new marks to protect my client’s asses.
I register marks to protect them nationwide,
And maintain those registrations for the trademark’s life.
I assist with transfers through licensing and assignments,
And in worst-case scenarios, I resolve disputes.
I negotiate, mediate, arbitrate and even sue,
If on behalf of my clients, it’s what I’m asked to do.

I’m not a typical attorney, no-siree!
Won’t you find out for yourself and hire me?

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