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To Support the Lamebook Legal Defense Fund?

My friends at DuetsBlog posted a couple days ago about the lawsuits Facebook and Lamebook filed against one another.  Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site, whilst Lamebook is a blog that displays “lame and funny stuff from Facebook.”

Lamebook’s logo is a take-off on Facebook’s logo:

but the Lamebook site makes pretty clear that it is a parody, unlike the social networking site Teachbook, which Facebook sued this Summer.  Facebook also went after Placebook, a travel-organizing site that changed its name to TripTrace as a result of its confrontation with Facebook.  TripTrace’s founder, Michael Rubin, blogged about his experience with Facebook about a month ago.

So, back to Lamebook.  First, Facebook disabled the Lamebook fan page and blocked links from Lamebook from appearing on Facebook.  Sensing what was coming next, Lamebook sued Facebook in Federal District Court in the Western District of Texas on November 4, 2010 for declaratory judgment of non-infringement.  (That means they asked the court to declare that Lamebook does not infringe Facebook).  On November 8, 2010, Facebook sued Lamebook in the Federal District Court in the Northern District of California for trademark infringement and dilution.  Presumably, these cases will be combined — where is anyone’s guess, though I predict the case will stay in California.

Embroiled in two federal lawsuits with Facebook, Lamebook seeks your help to defend itself against the behemoth social networking site.  That’s right, folks!  Lamebook is taking donations for its Legal Defense Fund.  Whether you choose to donate will be up to you.

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