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Sorry, RTAA! You do recycle, thank you.

I apologize to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (RTAA).  I said it was senseless for the airport not to recycle, when in fact recycling bins are everywhere at the airport.  Todd Welty, Environmental Programs Manager for RTAA, informed me that of the 24 bins in the airport, 12 were placed in 2008 with additions in 2009 and 2010.  I must have seen them dozens of times, probably even used them, and just never noticed.  I really thought they still were absent (apparently like my mind, sometimes).  It’s pretty embarrassing, really.  Maybe even senseless.

According to Mr. Welty:

[framed_box]There are a total of 24 three-compartment type recycling collection stations throughout the airport terminal. In addition, 6-yard recycling containers are also placed at the airline gate areas specifically for airline use. Recycling is provided to all tenants at the airport, including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

On average, the airport collects more than 100 tons of recyclable from the airline and the public on an annual basis, including cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and cans. The airport also recycles used electronics, metal, wood and other types of construction materials. Additionally, in the past three years the airport has also recycled 100% of its demolished asphalt and concrete totaling over 150-thousand tons.[/framed_box]

Will Mr. Welty accept Oops?  Probably not.  Hopefully, humility and humor will win him over.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog, Dexter. In answer to your question, obviously, I care if they recycle, as do many of our community members. Further, since I live here, it is my business how our region is portrayed to visitors. Apathy is a disease. Please don’t spread it.

  1. I live here too Dexter and I care as well, perhaps if you actually hugged a tree more often you would too! Keep up the good work Lara.

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