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A Trademark Attorney’s Mission to Have Chanukah in July

If I could have Chanukah in July, for what would I wish? World Peace? Too cliche. Snow?

Tempting, but probably not too good for the boaters, bikers, sunbathers and others who support Tahoe’s summer tourist economy, which is even bigger than our winter tourist economy. Wait, I know! I’ll wish for a spot as a Contributor on The Daily Show!

But first, let’s take travel back in time to February. My favorite time of year! Not just because it usually dumps that month (oh, how I dig snow!) but also because my wedding anniversary and TED happen in February. For the past two years, I’ve attended TED Active — an inspired convening of change agents who leverage the power of ideas to better the world! (I’ve written about TED here,  and here.)

This year the TED Active shwag bag contained a Holstee Manifesto poster.

Although I did not read the poster until I got home, as soon as I read it, I framed it. It hangs prominently in my office reminding me daily of what I learned during TED this year: the importance of living my passion.

You see, it was at TED Active that I recognized my ability to have tremendous positive impact through educating and entertaining others about IP law, branding and corporate social responsibility. This has been my passion and the focus of my career, but it’s time to take it to the next level.

The Daily Show is the perfect platform for stories like those shared here on Brand Geek. Both appeal to individuals who care about our world and choose not to approach life with fear and angst, but with lightheartedness and even occasional optimism and maybe just a little bit of snark. But really, at a time when Nutella is a health food & pizza is a vegetable, isn’t snarkiness inevitable?

Motivated by the experience I had at TED Active, which is reaffirmed daily by the wisdom of the Holstee Manifesto, I set out to show the folks at The Daily Show just what I have to offer. Last month, I got Jon Stewart high – by sending him 110,000 feet into space. This month, while relocating my trademark practice to Exemplar, I crafted the Brand Geek Manifesto:

I then sent my newly minted Manifesto to Jon and his team on the back of their very own copy of the Holstee Manifesto in a frame made of 80% recycled materials:


And so, for this Chanukah in July, I hope to join forces with the Daily Show so that together we can shed light on the absurdity of it all, while simultaneously reassuring people that it’s all going to be OK. At least it will until we all go down in flames. But still, there’s no need to focus on that just yet. We have at least four more months before the Mayan calendar ends. . .


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